21 Days of Connecting With Leading 
Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Conference Starts Monday, March 1st.

Learn to integrate your spirituality and your business, so you can show up as your most authentic self and create a life of divine prosperity.

What Is The Divine Prosperity Conference?

The Divine Prosperity Conference is where spirituality meets entrepreneurial expertise. 

For spiritual business owners, energetically intermingling their personal belief system with their business can sometimes pose a challenge.

This conference will empower you, as a spiritual entrepreneur, to:

  • Identify your spiritual gifts and use them freely in your work
  • Increase your financial freedom and abundance
  • Inject more fun & joy into your business
  • ​Connect with global thought leaders
  • ​...and more!

Plus, each featured speaker will be providing a free gift to all participants—so you can start creating a more prosperity-filled life right away!

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